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A recordable gif webtop.
Make memes, cinemagraphs and simulations.

📌 GIF AI ← ️ Drag to your bookmark bar!

Your animation intelligence engine.

Do You Dream In Gif?

Do You Dream In Gif?

Surf the web. Use the web clipper. Build a gif in seconds.

Modern Design

Get creative in your very own gif sandbox. Meticulously engineered using ultra modern HTML5 & Polymer tech transmorphing webkit into your animation studio!

Easily customised

Open source developers from around the USA have created amazing new abilities. Customize your gif to an unprecedentedly high level!

Introducing Gif Script

Native support for GifScript, a superset of JavaScript built into the platform. Powerful API's give you access to the full DOM + stage & cinimatic controls!

Ready to ship

Process your animation in classic .gif format. It's the most recognized file format in the world. Distribute your gif to email, social, SMS and beyond!

100% free

A component of the technology is a web clipper that is free to use. There is absolutley no software or any files to download. Just use your browser!

Just Explore

Dump the mindset of using that old software tool you use at school or in the office. Instead. Explore the web. Think of it as your canvas and let inspiration find you!

Made In Los Angeles

Import Content

Add images, text to the gif webtop!

Get the bookmarklet. Use the web clipper
to grab anything from any website
in a click.

Lime Text IDE

Code a gif using JavaScript!

Are you a coder? Tweak a gif bit-by-bit.
Optionally. Peer into each components
internals and make your gif truly unique.

GIF Webtop

Design, record from the same unified interface!

We made it simple to make a gif from a single page UI.
You can record natural movements with your mouse
and use apps to make your animation.

Made In Los Angeles