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A recordable gif webtop.
Make memes and simulations.

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Your animation intelligence engine.

Do You Dream In Gif?

Surf the web. Gather content. Make a gif.

Modern Design

Get creative in your very own gif sandbox. Meticulously engineered using ultra modern HTML5 & Polymer tech transmorphing webkit into your animation studio!

Meme Mechanics

Write your own gif automation scripts using Puppeteer or CasperJS. Automatically create unique & novel gif's with the UI. Create heavy duty meme mechanics and automate with grit!

Introducing Gif Script

Native support for GifScript, a superset of JavaScript built into the platform. Powerful API's give you access to the full DOM + stage & cinimatic controls!

Ready to ship

Process your animation in classic .gif format. It's the most recognized file format in the world. Distribute your gif to email, social, SMS and beyond!

100% free

The main component of the technology is a Chrome Extension that is free to use. There is absolutley no software or any files to download. Just use your browser!

Just Explore

Dump the mindset of using that old software tool you use at school or in the office. Instead. Explore the web. Think of it as your canvas and let inspiration find you!


Import Content

Combine images in the gif webtop!

Find image or gif links on the web.
Use the Chrome Extension & import them directly.
Build up a rich gallery of content to combine.

LimeText™ IDE

Code a gif using JavaScript!

Are you a coder? Tweak a gif bit-by-bit.
Optionally. Peer into each components
internals and make your gif truly unique.

GIF Webtop

Design and record from your personal space!

Record natural animatronic movements.
Overlay your custom pieces. Use custom
filters to make your animation.


ɖ1,299.00 | total

Preloaded with 250k Tokens to Spend in the GifShop™ & Recordings

(250,000 tokens / 8,300 minutes)

Preload your experience with 250k tokens & the Gold plan. Includes GifShop™ access plus LimeText™ IDE

ɖ499.00 | total

Preloaded with 75,000 Tokens to Spend in the GifShop™ & Recordings

(75,000 tokens / 2,500 minutes)

Preload your experience with 75k tokens & the Silver plan. Includes GifShop™ access

ɖ99.00 | total

Preloaded with 1.5k Tokens to Spend on Recordings watermark free

(1,500 tokens / 60 minutes)

Preload your experience with 1.5k tokens & the Bronze plan. Remove the GIF.COM.AI watermarks

FREE (100 tokens / 4 minutes / 20 gif animations per month)
Includes watermark free recording & LimeText™ IDE
Pay with



  • 02 Feb

    Experience the new splash page with brand new pricing options


  • 13 Nov

    Completed LimeText™ IDE for coders!

  • 27 Jan

    Sticker support. Make transparent overlay animations


  • 12 Dec

    Layer support. Send any image to the front or back

  • 18 Sep

    Added this splash screen, with milestones and welcome message

  • 5 Aug

    The animation studio is complete and feature ready!

  • 5 May

    The gif AI renderer is completed

  • 15 Jan

    Work begins on a new and better cloud based gif making app!


Made In Los Angeles